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Monofin Nunui for teens and adults

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  • 0020-M-002
The NUNUI monofin from Sun Tails is developed for teenager and adults ans...mehr

The NUNUI monofin from Sun Tails is developed for teenager and adults ans with 1070g a little heavier than the KEIKI monofin for kids. They are made of  high-quality flexible and yet stable plastic. The included neoprene foot bags are made of a long-life neoprene cover and can be replaced if required. The products are available in various colors.


  • The use of the monofins is also possible without the mermaid tail
  • Suitable for experienced teenagers and adults
  • The neoprene foot bags fits foot sizes from EU 38-43 
  • Matching mermaid tail sizes are JS, JM and JL
  • Dimensions: 58x60x3cm

Requirements for usage: The monofin is not a flotation device it is an sports equipment and only suitable for good swimmers. We recommend attending a course to learn dealing with the tail and the monofin. Please refer to the instruction manual and the safety rules.

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