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Hand flippers silicone

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  • 9521-M-001
This will be possible with the hand fins from flexible and light silicone which can contribute...mehr

This will be possible with the hand fins from flexible and light silicone which can contribute to the security in the water. Beginners and advanced profit from the swimming help to the hand. In a neutral colour the hand fin on the first glance is not visible. Amaze friends and friends and feel more like a real mermaid. The separate fingers are connected to the security with an interskin as a silicone. The water is pushed away afterwards like with a paddle. They move faster in the water and the activity is raised. With the crawl brings the swimming help to children and adults more Drove what can improve the swimming technology and the speed. Sea May thing, the swimming like a mermaid, goes more gracefully off. Adults and children move in and under water more efficiently and smoother. In a different way than with the compact Paddles the water pressure is not on the whole hand, but on every separate finger. The hands remain mobility which is important for the swimming style and the security. The swimming help is transparent and makes possible a big flexibility for different swimming styles. The high quality of the material makes the silicone fins a constant companion for children and adults in the swimming-pool or in the bath lake. Hand fins are for children and adults in the sizes S and M in increase colors availably. The size S is for children till nine years and size M is for adults. The fins are sold in the set to two pieces. Choose the swimming help in a color which you like. The applied material distinguishes itself by quality and a high elasticity. The swimming help for the hands are simply overstreched by the fingers until the fingertips are visible at the other end of the swim fin.

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